KaizIn is a digital marketing agency specializing in promotion and branding on the world’s largest business network, LinkedIn.

With a vast background, creative thinking, and decades of accumulated experience, we create innovative solutions in organic advertising and consistently deliver proven results. We know what works and deliver the maximum presence and activity in the LinkedIn network for our clients.

After a decade of managing campaigns for leading companies in the market, we recognised the recurring need of our customers: when the market is crowded with competitors and limited budgets, there is a need to create success and achieve high visibility with a fast ROI.

We founded KaizIn to help companies and businesses achieve precisely that. We significantly enhance digital presence in the business media, strengthen brand credibility among target audiences, and increase business profitability through targeted advertisement exposure.

Throughout the last few years, KaizIn has been considered one of the leading digital agencies in the organic promotion field of LinkedIn, offering extensive services to private, business, and institutional customers in Israel and Europe.

We are here to help you boost your digital presence significantly by building a strong and trusted brand online and creating quality leads for your precise customer base.


The Team

Barak Finkelshtein

Founder & CEO

The founder of Kaizin Agency and co-founder of RocketPod, specializing in LinkedIn promotion for institutional bodies in the European market.

Barak founded and led Tel-Aviv University’s TMTI conference alongside the global TheMarker newspaper and the TAU Innovation conference of the university alongside TAU Ventures. Together, they have helped startups raise over 20 million dollars from investors in Israel and around the world.

Among Barak’s other activities as head of the entrepreneurship department of the Student Union at Tel Aviv University, he established and led the flagship entrepreneurship course “Elite Launch Entrepreneurship” at Tel Aviv University and the entrepreneurship course “Jump” at Ben-Gurion University, which helped entrepreneurs in their first steps in establishing startups and connected entrepreneurs with leading investors and mentors from the industry.

In Barak’s initiatives, one can find Jobi, the first of its kind in Israel for comparing the prices of professionals and service providers; Israel Movers, the leading website in Israel for moving residences and offices; the content application Waveit; and the website Add2Store, which produces automation for dropshipping on e-commerce sites.

In the commercial coaching world, Barak serves as a business and marketing consultant to companies, corporations, and organisations; a business coach to managers and CEOs; and a Master Trainer in NLP from Result Facilitation Academy.

In his free time, Barak plays chess, reads, and does a lot of sports as a volunteer, and in his spare time, he serves as a mentor to entrepreneurs in the Shamesh Fund and accompanies students to achieve life goals.

Barak is a visionary who will help you dream big and fulfil your dreams on a practical level.

Barak Finkleshtein KaizIn

Merev Nir

Sales and Business Development

A marketing and innovation expert with a wealth of experience in Israel and Europe. Specialises in both traditional and digital marketing. With a deep passion and more than 15 years of experience in the environment and sustainability sectors, she supports entrepreneurs, businesses, and companies that want to improve the world. Lectures at companies and organisations, is athletic in life and soul, practises yoga, and teaches meditation.

Maximizing a winning combination of experience and professionalism, she is a significant contributor to each team’s strength.

Niro Knox

Niro Knox

Technology Manager

The LeadTron founder and entrepreneur behind the invention of the automated data machine that creates lead lists based on target audience development and co-founder at RocketPod, a LinkedIn promotion specialist for European institutional bodies.

Niro is also considered one of the leading figures in the European industry and is a consultant and advisor to major industry bodies and organizations. He brings a wealth of experience in the digital marketing sector and an extensive network of contacts. In addition, he has a rich IT and server management background, is an expert in software architecture, and is an expert in cold outreach through email marketing and guerilla marketing.

Niro is exactly what he radiates: fast, unified, and different from anything you’ve seen.

Guy Kimhi

Guy Kimhi

Creative Director

As a person who lives and breathes media daily, Guy raised and led creative teams at Media & eCommerce and brought innovation to the world of video. After gathering the required experience as a CMO at a financial trading company and leading it to grow in additional markets, he joined the KaizIn family as a key player.

Guy has a fantastic ability to convey complex messages in a simple and viral way. In addition, Guy is a lecturer for business and marketing strategy at prestigious institutions such as Jolt, John Bryce, Maof, the Ministry of Economy, the IDC Herzliya Interdisciplinary Centre, Tel Aviv University, and was a lecturer and representative of an Israeli delegation at the Polish Patent Office (PPO) Conference in Krakow.

Yasmin ben Nathan

Customer Service Representative

Yasmin comes with a rich background of success and customer retention, the highest level of interpersonal communication, and a wealth of experience in the American market, specialising in problem-solving and finding creative and fast solutions.

Yasmin has the ability to bring out the best in you at all times and enables you to focus on growth.

Inbal Arieli

Inbal Arieli

Demand Generation Manager

Meet Inbal- the Sales Dynamo at KaizIn! She’s like a puzzle master, fitting the right solutions into each customer’s unique needs and her knack for understanding customers turn potential leads into loyal clients. 

Inbal’s teamwork spirit is infectious, uniting colleagues for seamless collaboration. 

At KaizIn, she’s rewriting the sales playbook with enthusiasm, making every day a rewarding journey of connections and accomplishments.