Additional Services

PPC LinkedIn Campaigns

Manage and set up a Lead Generation campaign to create leads, research keywords, and define a targeted audience to improve results using LinkedIn paid promotion systems.

Employee Recruitment

Smart use of the LinkedIn recruiting system to recruit quality employees with experience and relevancy.

Content Writing and Media Management.

Professional Content Writing and Media Management, including scheduling and posting content at peak times and writing posts that drive engagement and increase your LinkedIn presence.

Organic Promotion

Management, maintenance, and creating a presence on LinkedIn for a business page and personal profile while strengthening the brand on the network and creating a loyal following.

Employer Branding

Total management of the business page, creating a presence on LinkedIn, targeting a specific audience, researching competitor pages, and constructing a content strategy based on the research, including building a lead panel and implementing a growth strategy on Facebook.

Personal Branding

Establishing an outreach campaign to target audiences, creating target audience lists to segment and send out requests, building a conversion funnel for the campaign, and analysing the results for an increased conversion rate.

SDR Service

The external sales team focused on searching for and executing sales leads and scheduling sales meetings with the customer.

Outreach Campaign

Managing an Organized Outreach Campaign for Target Audience Identification, Creating Target Audience Lists for Segmentation and Sending Connection Requests, Building a Converter Panel for the Campaign, and Analyzing Results for Increased Conversion Rate.

Coaching and Mentoring

Business and personal coaching for increased profitability and goal achievement, strategic sales planning, and the implementation of a work programme to grow the business.

Professional LinkedIn Workshops

Are you looking for professional LinkedIn workshops? Various workshops can be booked, which will open up many opportunities for you.