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How We Got 400+ High-Quality Registrations For A Webinar

By now we all know how powerful LinkedIn is when it comes to professional engagement and networking. Now, let’s take a look at a practical execution of the same.

In this case study, we’ll talk about our success in promoting an event titled “LinkedIn Like You’ve Never Known,” led by renowned marketing experts, including our CEO himself – Barak Finkelshtein. The objective was clear: to maximize event registrations and build a community of our target audience who can also benefit from our services in future.

About Our Client

Linkedin case study for Event promotion

The event, designed for marketing professionals and business leaders based out of Israel, aimed to provide in-depth insights and innovative techniques to enhance their LinkedIn marketing efforts. Our goal was to attract a substantial number of registrations and develop a community of engaged professionals eager to learn and network.

Objective of The Campaign

To significantly increase event registrations for “LinkedIn Like You’ve Never Known.” Our strategy focused on attracting a targeted audience of marketing professionals and business leaders eager to learn more about LinkedIn.

Target Audience (ICP)

We defined the ideal attendee as:

  • Marketing Professionals: This included CMOs, Social Media Managers, Marketing Directors, and Agency Professionals based out of Israel, actively seeking to leverage LinkedIn for lead generation, brand awareness, and thought leadership.
  • Business Owners and C-Suite Executives: We targeted decision-makers who recognized the power of LinkedIn for B2B marketing and led their teams in implementing effective strategies.

Challenges Faced

Simply targeting marketing professionals on LinkedIn wasn’t enough. We needed to identify those genuinely interested in using the power of LinkedIn to generate high quality leads. This meant going beyond basic job titles and leveraging powerful targeting options offered by LinkedIn and other platforms.

How We Cracked It

We had a two-way approach to promoting this event.

  1. Organic Advertising On LinkedIn: Utilized the speakers’ LinkedIn profiles and business page to create buzz about the event and drive registrations directly on the LinkedIn event page.
  2. Organic Advertising Outside LinkedIn: Leveraged other social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp groups to extend the event’s reach beyond LinkedIn’s ecosystem.


Checkout this flowchart for details on our promotional plan!

How KaizIn Promoted LinkedIn Event


Event Promotion Results with KaizIn
  • 350+ registrations on the LinkedIn event page, showcasing the effectiveness of our organic advertising strategies.
  • 150+ registrations on the event landing page, indicating the success of our targeted outreach and collaboration efforts.

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Events are fun and it’s even interesting to promote them.

Through a strategic blend of organic advertising, targeted outreach, and collaboration initiatives, we successfully elevated our event registrations.

If you’re seeking to enhance your event promotion efforts and achieve similar impressive results, let’s grab a cup of coffee and explore how we can elevate your LinkedIn marketing strategies.

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