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Case Study: How We Helped a Non-Profit Secure Donors Through Strategic LinkedIn Marketing

Non-profit organizations, at present, face a unique challenge: attracting the right kind of donors/ philanthropists who share their vision and values.

This case study highlights one of our successful marketing campaigns for a non-profit organization that assists business owners with financial mentorship and loan facilitation under their favorable conditions. 

About Our Client

Linkedin case study for non profit organization

Our client is a respected, purpose-driven social organization helping business owners get financially empowered. They provide access to loans with favorable terms and invaluable financial mentorship, building a stronger and more vibrant business ecosystem. 

However, securing the resources necessary to fuel their mission was a struggle. This is where KaizIn comes into the picture, with a strategic approach to reach their target audience.

Objective of The Campaign

To raise awareness and secure donations from individuals who have a strong affinity to the State of Israel, who aligned with our client’s non-profit organization’s mission.

Target Audience (ICP)

The campaign focused on people who are:

  • Jewish philanthropists and Jewish impact investors,
  • Based out of the USA,
  • Interested in contributing to causes related to the state of Israel,
  • Active on LinkedIn.

Challenges They Were Facing

One of the primary challenges was the inability to filter individuals by nationality, religion, or faith on digital platforms like LinkedIn. This limitation became a significant problem in directly identifying and reaching out to the target audience, requiring a creative and strategic approach to overcome it.

The Question

How do you filter and identify Jewish philanthropists and Jewish impact investors living in the USA on LinkedIn, given the platform’s restrictions on filtering by nationality, religion, or faith?

How We Cracked It

Linkedin marketing for non profit

Step 1: Building Brand Credibility

We established our client as a trustworthy and impactful non-profit organization. This involved optimizing their LinkedIn page with professional branding, an engaging description, and impactful work showcasing their mission and core values.

We also optimized the LinkedIn profiles of their senior leaders with high-quality visuals and a clear value proposition using relevant keywords.

Step 2: Defining the Ideal Investor Persona

We worked closely with the client to further define the characteristics of their ideal investors: Jewish philanthropists and impact investors who have a strong connection to Israel and reside in the USA. This research allowed us to customize our messaging and outreach strategy.

Step 3: Using Sales Navigator to Target The Audience

LinkedIn Sales Navigator proved to be an invaluable tool. It helped us in implementing advanced search filters based on location (USA) and industry keywords (philanthropy, impact investing) and getting access to a wide list of potential prospects. This strategic targeting ensured our outreach efforts reached the most promising leads.

Step 4: Filtering Out Non-Jewish People From The List

To further refine our search, we utilized ChatGPT to create a list of common Jewish surnames. We then matched these surnames in our list and excluded all the people who didn’t have Jewish surnames. This innovative approach allowed us to further filter our audience to individuals likely to be Jewish, thereby aligning with our client’s target demographic.

Step 5. Sending Connection Requests to the List

With a curated list of potential investors, we began sending personalized connection requests. Each request highlighted the mutual interests and the mission of the organization, focusing on building genuine connections.

Step 6: Building Personalized Relationships

We didn’t stop at sending connection requests. We also implemented a comprehensive engagement strategy. This involved interacting with our target audience’s posts and initiating meaningful conversations. By providing valuable insights and building genuine connections, we established our client as a trusted resource within the Jewish LinkedIn community.

Step 7: Scheduling Meetings with Qualified Leads

Through our engagement efforts, we were able to identify highly qualified leads. We then scheduled introductory calls with these philanthropists and impact investors to discuss deeper into the non-profit’s impact and explore potential investment/ donation opportunities.


quality leads
  • Our targeted efforts resulted in connecting with 650 individuals fitting the ideal client profile (ICP).
  • Out of the connection requests sent, we achieved an impressive 65% acceptance rate, amounting to 423 new connections.
  • Through personalized engagement, we garnered 48 positive responses (11.34%), indicating significant interest and potential for investment.
  • Our efforts resulted in 7 successful meetings (14.5%) between our client and the interested investors, laying the groundwork for potential investments and donations.

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We absolutely loved working on this campaign.

By using creative strategies and advanced tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and ChatGPT, we effectively connected a non-profit organization with high-potential investors and donors. 

The success of this campaign not only enhanced our client’s donations but also reinforced our agency’s expertise in delivering targeted and impactful marketing solutions.

If you’re looking to generate high quality leads for your organization, contact KaizIn today. We would love to make it happen for you!

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