How We Helped A Real Estate Firm Get High Value Leads With LinkedIn Marketing

Case Study: How KaizIn Helped A Real Estate Company Find High-Value Leads with LinkedIn Marketing

Just like a tenant wants a perfect property, a realtor also wants a perfect tenant. In this case study, we’ll tell you how we helped with the latter when a real estate company approached us to find the right leads for their office spaces. So, we rolled up our sleeves and got creative with LinkedIn.

Imagine you’re at a huge networking event with thousands of people. You need to find just the right folks who might be interested in what you’re offering. That’s exactly what we did on LinkedIn. We crafted a smart and personalized plan that not only found potential leads but turned them into real prospects for our client.

Read through to find out how we did it!

About Our Client

Linkedin case study for Israeli Real Estate Company

Our client, a renowned real estate company, specializes in building high-end office spaces and locations equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including cafeteria, gym, library, etc.

With 2 properties available for lease, they aimed to attract companies/ businesses looking for new office spaces.

Objective of The Campaign

To identify and engage with companies in need of new office leases, specifically targeting their decision-makers. The goal was to create a pipeline of interested leads and facilitate successful lease agreements for our client’s premium office spaces.

Target Audience (ICP)

  • Job Titles: CFOs, CEOs, COOs, Founders
  • Company Size: 20-200 employees
  • Geography: Israel
  • Industry: Various

Challenges They Were Facing

Our client faced two significant challenges:

  • Identifying Intent: There was no straightforward method to filter companies on LinkedIn based on their intent to lease new office spaces that matched our client’s marketing budget since they didn’t have enough budget to spend on tools like ZoomInfo which gives the details of the intent of the audience. Hence, we had to be creative.
  • Personalization: Creating a personalized outreach strategy that the potential leads could relate to and highlighting the benefits of our client’s office spaces was crucial.

The Question

How do you locate a company that’s currently on lease and might be looking for a new lease?

How We Cracked It

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions for real estate company

Step 1: Identifying Key Office Buildings

We began by identifying buildings in Israel known for housing multiple office spaces. We compiled a comprehensive list of these buildings along with their addresses in a Google Sheets document. For example: The Museum Building, Toyota Building, etc.

Step 2: Finding The Companies

We then scraped the names of companies located in these buildings via google, and created a list. This provided us with an initial pool of potential clients.

Step 3: Scraping Contact Information

Using Apollo, a third-party tool, we scraped emails and LinkedIn profiles/pages of key decision-makers (CFOs, CEOs, COOs, and Founders) in the identified companies.

Step 4: Assessing Company Growth

We assessed which of these companies had shown significant growth recently, as growing companies are more likely to be interested in leasing new office spaces. We filtered out the most relevant companies based on this criterion.

Step 5: Combined Outreach Campaign

We launched a combined strategy of outreach campaign on LinkedIn with email cold reach, targeting these decision-makers with personalized messages. The outreach highlighted their current office locations and the potential benefits of moving to new premises. For example –  High-end offices with facilities like cafeteria, gym, library, etc.

Step 6: Engaging and Scheduling Meetings

Once we received positive responses, we engaged further with the prospects, discussing the client’s offerings. This led to scheduling meetings with the most interested and qualified leads.


Linkedin marketing results for real estate
  • Our personalized approach resulted in a high acceptance rate of 63% on LinkedIn connection requests.
  • The campaign generated over 70 qualified leads in 3 months (including holidays of passover, independence day, and memorial day), significantly enhancing the client’s leasing outreach efforts. The campaign is still running and more leads are coming in as we write this case study.

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This campaign was a test of our research skills and as our client says, we didn’t disappoint.

By thoroughly researching and targeting the right companies and decision-makers, we were able to deliver exceptional results for them.

The personalized nature of our approach, combined with innovative use of tools like Apollo, Google Scraping, and Sales Navigator played a crucial role in achieving these outcomes.

If you’d like to achieve similar impressive results for your business, let’s grab a cup of coffee and we would love to share our ideas with you. Let’s make it happen!

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