How KaizIn Helped A Real Estate Company Find Investors With LinkedIn Marketing

Case Study: How KaizIn Helped A Real Estate Company Find Investors By LinkedIn Marketing

When it comes to the real estate industry, finding investors for huge projects is one of the most challenging tasks. In this case study, we’ll tell you how we, at KaizIn, made the most out of LinkedIn to connect our client, a real estate developer specializing in large-scale construction projects, with a network of high net-worth investors perfectly aligned with their vision.

About Our Client

Linkedin case study for real estate firm

Our client is a USA-based visionary real estate development firm renowned for their transformative projects. Their latest venture was a game-changer, pushing the boundaries of urban design and sustainability. However, to bring this large project to life, they needed to find additional investments from LinkedIn, apart from their already existing investors.

Objective of The Campaign

To find new investors for their new urban development project. The goal was to connect with high-net-worth individuals and smart investors who had the financial capacity and interest to invest in large-scale real estate projects.

Target Audience (ICP)

The campaign focused on people who have:

  • A proven track record of investing substantial sums (USD 300K+) in real estate projects.
  • A deep understanding of the real estate market and a keen eye for high-potential opportunities.


Challenges They Were Facing

The primary challenge was identifying and engaging with investors who had the financial capacity and interest in real estate investments. The client needed to reach C-level executives and seasoned investors.

However, locating such investors on LinkedIn was challenging since financial details are not publicly available – finding the right investors felt like trying to filter people by their bank balances, which, let’s be honest, would be a lot easier if LinkedIn had that feature!

The Question

How do you connect with the right people at the right time, ensuring they have the interest and liquidity to invest in this particular real estate project? The task was to:

  • Identify the right individuals.
  • Ensure they had an interest in real estate investment.
  • Confirm they possessed the necessary financial resources.

How We Cracked It

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions For Real Estate Firm

Step 1: Defining the Ideal Investor Persona (ICP)

With a clear ICP in mind, we brainstormed potential venues where these individuals might be found. We discovered a high-profile real estate summit likely to be attended by a large percentage of our target audience.

Step 2: Identifying Potential Meeting Points for the ICP

With a clear ICP in mind, we brainstormed potential venues where these individuals might be found. We discovered a high-profile real estate summit attended by a large percentage of our target audience.

Step 3: Scraping Data of The Summit Registrants

We ethically acquired a list of the people who registered for the summit, which included high-net-worth individuals, C-level executives, and experienced investors. This list provided a rich pool of potential leads.

Step 4: Filtering Out Irrelevant Attendees

Using advanced filtering techniques, we browsed through the attendee list to exclude irrelevant contacts. We focused on those whose profiles aligned closely with our ICP, ensuring a higher likelihood of interest and engagement.

Step 5: Targeting on LinkedIn and Email Outreach

We targeted the filtered list on LinkedIn, sending personalized connection requests that referenced the summit to establish a common ground. Recognizing that not all relevant individuals might be active on LinkedIn, we complemented this with an email outreach campaign, ensuring broader coverage.

Step 6: Initiating Conversations And Building Rapport

Our opening messages referenced the summit, establishing a common ground and a sense of familiarity. We avoided generic pitches and focused on initiating genuine conversations with an aim of future collaborations. For ex- Since they had registered for the summit, after an initial chat, we asked them if they would like to join for a coffee during or after the sessions.

Step 7: Nurturing Engagement And Scheduling Meetings

Based on the LinkedIn conversations, our client was able to meet some potential leads in person and discuss deeper into their project details.


  • From the summit participant list of 10,200 people, we identified and sent connection requests to 1,000 individuals whose profiles matched our ICP.
  • The personalized and strategic approach resulted in over 715 new connections reflecting a high acceptance rate (above 70%) and strong initial interest.
  • We received substantial positive responses, with 62 investors (8.6%) expressing interest in meeting with our client.
  • Our efforts resulted in securing around 17 high-quality meetings (27.4%) with potential investors, showing a strong conversion from interest to actionable discussions.

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This particular campaign was unique for us in many ways and we thoroughly enjoyed working on it. 

Combining our online methods with an additional pinch of offline approach was truly effective in overcoming our client’s business challenges. By leveraging event-based targeting and personalized engagement, we successfully connected our client with a highly specific and valuable audience.

If you’re also looking to boost your LinkedIn marketing efforts and connect with high-value leads, we’re here for you! Contact us at KaizIn to discover how we can help you achieve similar impressive results.

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