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Case Study: How we helped a Manufacturing Solutions Company secure 50+ qualified leads per month

In the continuously evolving world of LinkedIn, where success depends on staying ahead of the curve, we at KaizIn, are laser-focused on one mission: transforming client profiles into lead generation powerhouses.


We’re excited to share a case study that shows how we did this for one of our clients. We’ll discuss how our strategic LinkedIn marketing approach ensured exponential lead generation for Barantech – a leading innovator in the HMI solutions space.

About Our Client


Barantech is a leading HMI (Human-Machine Interface) solutions provider, with a legacy of more than 37 years in turning visionary ideas into tangible assets. They specialize in customized HMI solutions for various industries, including the white appliance category.

Challenges They Were Facing

Barantech faced a common hurdle: struggling to generate qualified leads within the white appliance space. Traditional marketing methods proved to be slow and yielded limited results. Their coldreach efforts lacked personalization, resulting in low response rates and failing to resonate with decision-makers.

What Did Our Analysis Say?

We identified LinkedIn as a goldmine for targeted outreach and lead generation. The LinkedIn profile of one of the senior-level leaders held immense potential, but required strategic optimization to attract the right audience. We also evaluated the competitive landscape to understand industry trends and identify potential opportunities.

Our Solutions:


Step 1: Leveraging The LinkedIn Profile With The Highest Potential


We selected the profile of one of their senior leaders from the white appliance category and  transformed it into a magnet for qualified leads. Keyword optimization ensured their profile appeared in relevant searches, while strategic content positioning showcased their expertise.


This also included detailed optimization of every aspect of their profile including profile picture, cover banner, summary, headline, recommendations, etc. to ensure the profile looks as credible and updated as possible.


Step 2: Defining the Ideal Customer


Through in-depth discussions with the Barantech team, we meticulously crafted a target audience profile of key decision-makers in white appliance companies available on  LinkedIn. 


This included geographies like:

USA, Western Europe – mainly Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, The Netherlands, Sweden, etc. 


And job profiles like:

Product Designers, Industrial Designers, Product Managers, Project Managers, Purchase Managers, Innovation & Procurement, etc.


Step 3: Building a List of Potential Clients


We created a google sheet with a comprehensive list of companies that fit our defined audience criteria and identified key decision-makers within these companies who could champion Barantech’s solutions. We extensively used Sales Navigator to export this data.


Step 4: Engagement Strategy


To increase their profile’s visibility and credibility, we engaged with posts and content from connections and other relevant industry figures, ensuring they appeared highly active on LinkedIn.


And that’s where CommenTron comes into the picture – an AI commenting tool that writes meaningful and value adding comments on LinkedIn posts within seconds, helping us save hours of time on a daily basis.


Step 5: Establishing Them As LinkedIn Top-Contributor


We conducted several personalized activities on their profile, consistently, to help them earn a top-contributor badge, enhancing their profile’s authority and increasing acceptance rates of their connection requests.


Step 6: Personalized Connection Requests


We crafted personalized connection requests that resonated with each potential client’s specific needs, aiming to establish genuine relationships. 


To further enhance personalization, we used AI to find common topics of interest and initiate conversations about these topics. This approach encouraged meaningful interactions and positioned Barantech as a trusted partner. 


Additionally, the increased number of connections allowed us to invite more people to subscribe to Barantech’s newsletter on their business page, bolstering Barantech’s thought leadership as a brand.


Step 7: Personalized Messaging Sequence and Retargeting


Upon acceptance of connection requests, we sent tailored messages to introduce Barantech, focusing on sparking the connections’ interest in their services and solutions. 


For those who responded, we continued the conversation on LinkedIn, engaging in meaningful discussions about Barantech’s offerings. However, for connections who did not respond, we utilized the Apollo tool to extract their email addresses, enabling us to retarget them through a follow-up email outreach campaign. 


This multi-channel approach ensured that we maximized our engagement opportunities and effectively nurtured potential leads.


lead generation

The results surpassed expectations. Within just 40 days, Barantech experienced remarkable improvements in several key areas:


  • Lead Generation: We consistently generated over 50 qualified leads every month, ensuring a steady stream of potential clients interested in Barantech’s advanced HMI solutions. 


  • Acceptance Rate: Our personalized connection requests and strategic engagement efforts led to a boosted acceptance rate of an impressive 77%. 


  • Business Page Visitors: Barantech saw a significant 60% monthly growth in the number of visitors to their LinkedIn business page. This increased traffic not only enhanced their online presence but also positioned Barantech as a thought leader in the white appliance industry, attracting more industry professionals and potential clients to explore their offerings.




This case study shows the power of a well-executed LinkedIn marketing strategy. By combining targeted outreach, strategic content planning, and expert profile optimization, we helped our client Barantech build meaningful connections and achieve significant lead generation success.

At KaizIn, we specialize in crafting data-driven strategies that deliver real results. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can elevate your brand and generate a steady stream of qualified leads through the powerhouse that LinkedIn is.

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