Employee Recruitment

Recruiting employees can be a particularly complex task; the job must be filled with the most suitable person for the role. In a market where the number of applicants is limited and companies are recruiting for the same positions, it is necessary to create a unique advantage to attract the best candidates.

At first glance, the market appears large and plentiful with candidates; however, the demand for quality employees is never-ending, particularly when many companies are increasing their salaries and benefits packages.

Our employee recruitment process is carried out in several steps:

Step 1: Defining the need and job characteristics together with the HR department or the recruitment official in the organisation
Step 2: Crafting an optimal ad for broad exposure to a precisely targeted audience of applicants through smart filtering of applicants who do not meet the job requirements
Step 3: Perform focused optimisation and continuous improvement until we maximise the receipt of relevant resumes and job matching.

It is important to note that all processes are done cooperatively with the recruiting official in the organization.