How To Improve Your LinkedIn SSI Social Selling Index For Your Business

How To Improve Your LinkedIn SSI (Social Selling Index) For Your Business 

Social selling is more than just a buzzword; it’s the art of cultivating relationships at every stage of the sales journey. While this can occur in both digital and physical spaces, today’s digital age sees a surge in social commerce, especially on platforms like LinkedIn. The Social Selling Index (SSI) by LinkedIn indicates this trend, offering a metric to gauge the networking prowess of its users.

The University of British Columbia’s study “The Persuasive Role of Incidental Similarity on Attitudes and Purchase Intentions in a Sales Context” was the first to introduce the science of social selling. The research revealed that a transaction is more likely to occur when the consumer and seller share incidental similarities.

LinkedIn is currently the best platform for sales professionals to network, develop their brand, and generate leads, and the Social Selling Index, or SSI, score is an essential metric for measuring your effectiveness on social networks.

It’s wonderful to log into LinkedIn and see that you’ve achieved social leader status. However, it’s even better when sales or career opportunities flow in. ​​But to effectively improve and leverage your LinkedIn SSI score, it’s essential to first understand what it is, ensuring both newcomers and seasoned users can become more accomplished social sellers on the platform. This blog will highlight the ways in which you can improve your LinkedIn SSI for your business.

What Is LinkedIn's SSI score?

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) is a tool that measures user interactions to determine how effective individuals are at marketing themselves to others. 

LinkedIn uses the SSI score, which ranges from 0 to 100, to help sales professionals and individuals better comprehend how they compare to peers in their industry and within their networks. You can track every LinkedIn user’s social selling index (SSI) score here

What Are The Factors That Affect Your LinkedIn SSI Score

What Are The Factors That Affect Your LinkedIn SSI Score

There are four factors that affect the SSI score:

1.  Your Professional Brand:

This factor helps to ensure how comprehensive your profile is on LinkedIn. Your profile was created with the customer in mind, right? Are you publishing insightful blog posts to become an industry thought leader?

2. Finding The Right People:

Utilize time-saving search and research tools, such as Advanced Search and Lead Builder, to identify more qualified prospects in less time. Are you connecting with your target audience/customers and how healthy is your network?

3. Engaging:

Are you building and expanding relationships by sharing content and engaging with other people’s posts?

4. Building Relationships:

Are you expanding your network by establishing connections with senior leaders and decision-makers? Are you deepening the relationships with your connections through conversing and engaging?

LinkedIn uses these indicators to determine your score and where you can make improvements.  Your SSI score is compared to that of all LinkedIn users, providing you with insight into how well you are performing relative to your industry and network.

How Beneficial Is The Social Selling Index?

What you intend to accomplish on LinkedIn is a major factor determining how beneficial the SSI is.

If LinkedIn is your primary sales or recruiting platform, the social selling index provides valuable insight into areas where you can grow.

Note that SSI does not directly affect your selling ability or LinkedIn visibility.

If you receive increased exposure or prospects, it’s not due to a high SSI but to your hard labor.

Consequently, the social selling index is an excellent tool for monitoring your LinkedIn networking efforts.

We recommend that you don’t solely concentrate on increasing your score but instead use it as a guideline for what you must work towards.

12 Ways To Increase Your LinkedIn SSI Score

12 Ways To Increase Your LinkedIn SSI Score

Increasing your LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) score requires a strategic approach to networking, content sharing, and relationship building on the platform. By meticulously enhancing various facets of your LinkedIn presence, you can establish yourself as a credible and influential figure in your industry. Here are some detailed ways to boost your SSI score:

1. Comprehensive Profile Completion

  • Ensure that your profile is 100% complete. This includes a descriptive summary, a compelling headline, an updated job title, and a comprehensive list of experiences.
  • Elaborate on job duties, descriptions, projects, certifications, and education. The more in-depth you go, the better.
  • Highlight volunteer work, endorsed skills, and other information reinforcing your professional identity.


2. Professional Profile Image

  • A professional image does not necessarily require a studio setting. An in-focus, well-lit photograph taken at home suffices as long as it presents you in a professional light.
  • Don’t use casual or inappropriate backgrounds or clothes that don’t fit a business setting.


3. Content Curation

  • Ensure that every piece of content on your profile showcases the value and expertise you offer to potential clients or employers.
  • Understand that LinkedIn has evolved beyond a mere job search platform. Tailor your content to speak to your potential buyers or collaborators.


4. Smart Searching

  • Use Boolean operators and keywords to refine your searches and pinpoint relevant connections, especially for those on LinkedIn’s free version.
  • Premium users can benefit from filters in Advanced Search to zero in on senior leaders or specific roles.


5. Target the Right Individuals

  • Prioritize connecting with decision-makers within organizations for effective social selling.
  • Utilize the saved searches feature to get updates on new potential prospects.


6. Leverage Lead Builder

  • With LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s Lead Builder, filter your search further to locate and save leads pertinent to your business pursuits.


7. Engage Actively

  •  Engage with the content that your connections are sharing. Liking and commenting regularly boosts your visibility and establishes you as a subject matter expert.


8. Sharing is Caring

  • Distribute your company’s and valuable third-party content. This positions you as a resource for solutions and attracts potential leads.


9. Original Content Publishing

  • Writing and publishing your content via LinkedIn amplifies your voice and positions you as an authority in your domain.


10. Connect Strategically

  • In the words of Jill Rowley, “Always Be Connecting!” Engage, and then solidify that engagement by adding individuals to your network.


11. Deepen Account Relationships

  • Increase your chances of success by connecting with several decision-makers within a target account rather than limiting yourself to one.


12. Relationship Nurturing

  • Actively follow and engage with the content that your connections share.
  • Get in touch with your network regularly, displaying genuine interest. This warm approach often leads to more fruitful engagements.


By incorporating these strategies, you’ll witness an uptick in your LinkedIn SSI score and foster a more impactful and influential presence on the platform.

Understanding the importance of LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index Score is pivotal for anyone looking to amplify their online sales presence. While opinions on its significance may vary, there’s no denying that a higher SSI leads to broader sales opportunities. By integrating the abovementioned strategies into your daily LinkedIn routine, you’re setting yourself up for enhanced social selling success. Remember, the SSI doesn’t just provide a score; it offers insights into various facets of your LinkedIn engagement and how you compare them. As you progress in boosting your score, your networking endeavours on the platform will see a positive ripple effect.

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Navigating LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI) is crucial for effective networking and outreach. A strong SSI score can significantly enhance your professional visibility and connections.

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