How To Utilize The LinkedIn Featured Section Effectively

How To Utilize The LinkedIn Featured Section Effectively

LinkedIn is the top place for professionals to network and do business. Yet, many still need to fully utilize all its features. One key tool on LinkedIn is the Featured section.

Do you have standout work or accomplishments? The Featured section is where you can display them. You can highlight your top posts, articles, or photos below your profile summary. This is more than just looking good. It’s a strategic move to attract potential clients and showcase your business’s strengths.

This blog will guide you through optimizing the Featured section. This can enhance your B2B sales approach and help you make a memorable impression on LinkedIn.

What Is The LinkedIn Featured Section?

The Featured section on LinkedIn is a space on your profile where you can highlight important content. It’s near the top, below your photo and headline. You can use this section to showcase:

  • Articles or blog posts you’ve written
  • Videos
  • Images, graphics, or infographics
  • Documents, like case studies or whitepapers
  • Testimonials or other achievements


This section lets you show off your best work or important updates to anyone who views your profile. To add something to the Featured section, click Add Featured and choose the type of content you want to display. It’s a simple way to make your profile stand out and share what you’re proud of.

How To Add A Featured Section On LinkedIn

Want to add a Featured section to your LinkedIn profile? Here’s how:

  • On your profile, click “Add profile section”. Then, in the Recommended section, select Add Featured.”
How To Add A Featured Section On LinkedIn
  • Click the “+” icon that pops up to add the content.
How To Add A Featured Section On LinkedIn

From here, choose what you want to feature:

How To Add A Featured Section On LinkedIn

1. Post

  • This lets you highlight one of your LinkedIn posts. 
  • Choose a valuable post that represents your business well.


2. Article

  • Feature articles you’ve written on LinkedIn.
  •  Before selecting, make sure the desired article is already on your profile.


3. Link

  • Add a link to an external website. 
  • This is great for showcasing your products, services, portfolio, or any content about your brand written elsewhere.


4. Media

  • Showcase images, PDFs, or documents. Ideal for presentations, graphics, or long articles that showcase your expertise.


If you want to remove something from the Featured section, click “Remove from featured”. Remember, you can always edit or swap out content in this section to keep it fresh and relevant.

Maximizing Sales With LinkedIn's Featured Section

Maximizing Sales With LinkedIn's Featured Section

LinkedIn isn’t just for networking; it’s a platform to boost your sales strategy. Your profile’s Featured Section offers a unique space to showcase what you bring to the table, from products to services, catering to different customer needs. Let’s explore how you can utilize this section to effectively drive leads, engage potential customers, and boost sales using some proven structures.

1. Three Featured Structure

The main purpose of this structure is to cater to different stages of the buying journey: leads, low-ticket customers, and high-ticket customers.

How to implement :

  • Free Resource: You can offer something like an ebook tailored for your target audience. You can collect their email when they download it, turning them into leads. Example: KaizIn could feature a beginner’s guide to their software.
  • Low Ticket Product/Service: Showcase your product’s basic version or starter kit to build trust. It’s for customers who’d like a taste before making e a more significant purchase.
  • High Ticket Product/Service: Feature a premium product or service for customers ready to invest significantly.


2. Ebook (Free Resource) Lead Generation Structure

You can offer such services primarily for lead generation rather than immediate sales.

How to Implement

  • Offer various ebooks/resources tailored for different user personas.
  • Capture emails during the download process. 
  • This method helps segment leads by interest, paving the way for personalized follow-up campaigns.


3. Single Offer

Single offers can be provided to spotlight one primary product or service.

How to Implement:

  • Dedicate the space to this single offer. The layout provides a prominent thumbnail on the left, leaving ample space for a detailed description.


4. “Book a Call” Featured Section

The purpose of this method is to deal with businesses wanting to schedule demos or personalized conversations.

How to Implement:

  • Use this space for a clear “Book a Call” or “Schedule a Demo” call-to-action (CTA).
  • This approach works well for SaaS companies, where a demonstration can be more effective than a product description.


Remember, the key is to align the content in your Featured Section with your business goals and the interests of your LinkedIn audience. Tailor your offers accordingly, and you’ll find this section to be a powerful tool for sales.

Key Best Practices For Mastering Your LinkedIn Featured Section

Key Best Practices For Mastering Your LinkedIn Featured Section

LinkedIn’s Featured Section offers a golden opportunity to spotlight your skills, work, or achievements. It’s essential to follow some best practices to make the most of this space. Let’s delve into the specifics to ensure your Featured Section stands out and delivers the desired impact.

Opt for Links Over Posts

  • Posting directly can limit your control over the appearance.
  • Utilize the “Add a link” function. This lets you customize the title, description, and thumbnail image to align with your branding or message.

Prioritize Link Positions

  • People naturally read from left to right.
  • Place your most crucial content or links on the left side. For instance, if you’ve recently launched a new product or service, ensure it takes that prime leftmost spot.

Create Your Title as a Hook

  • The title is often the first thing viewers notice.
  • Use it to spark curiosity. Instead of a “Blog Post”, opt for something like “Discover the Future of Tech with Our Latest Post!”

Mind the Format

  • A cohesive, well-organized Featured Section draws more attention.
  • Check how your titles and descriptions appear together. Sometimes, based on your content, a short, punchy description or even none might work better than a lengthy one.

Stay Within the Title Limit

  • Over-lengthy titles might get truncated, causing them to lose impact.
  • Keep your titles concise and impactful, ideally under 50 characters. This ensures viewers get the entire message without any cut-offs.

Your LinkedIn Featured Section can be a potent tool highlighting your professional journey and offers. Following these best practices ensures you leverage this space effectively, creating a compelling showcase for all LinkedIn visitors.

In conclusion, using LinkedIn’s featured area is a strategic way to showcase your knowledge and provide value to your target audience. A space that resonates with your audience and exposes your products, industry knowledge, and devotion to your industry leads to more engaged and fruitful partnerships. Doing so will strengthen relationships and help your firm expand and make more money. Optimize your LinkedIn highlighted section today to turn your business story into a success story. 

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