The Ultimate Handbook On LinkedIn Showcase Pages

The Ultimate Handbook On LinkedIn Showcase Pages

In the diverse business world, engaging with a multi-faceted audience can be challenging, especially on a platform like LinkedIn. You might have varied brands under one umbrella or a product that resonates differently with distinct user groups. It’s a common scenario, but addressing it on social media often leads to a tangled mess of content, leaving some segments of your audience lost or uninterested. 

This is where LinkedIn Showcase Pages come to the forefront as a savior. These pages allow you to create segmented platforms under your main LinkedIn page, each tailored to different audiences or facets of your business. By doing so, you can craft targeted content strategies that resonate well with your buyer personas, fostering better engagement and building a more authentic connection with your audience. 

In this blog, we will delve into the what, when, and how of LinkedIn Showcase Pages and how they can be instrumental in fine-tuning your LinkedIn marketing strategy to cater to your audience’s diverse interests and needs.

What Is A LinkedIn Showcase Page?

A LinkedIn Showcase Page is a specialized corner of your company’s main LinkedIn page. Consider it a dedicated space to focus on a specific part of your business, be it a brand, campaign, department, or audience segment. This allows followers with a keen interest in these editions to get tailored content without navigating the broader company updates.

These Showcase Pages are listed on the main company page under ‘Affiliated Pages.’ It’s a neat way to organize and segregate content, ensuring your audience receives the most relevant information. However, a word of caution: while LinkedIn permits you to create as many Showcase Pages as you desire, it’s advisable to limit yourself. Over-segmentation might dilute your efforts and content quality.

In essence, Showcase Pages empower your company to craft targeted experiences for distinct audience segments, giving them in-depth, relevant content without the clutter of broader company updates. It’s a strategic approach to effectively catering to your LinkedIn audience’s varied interests.

Types of LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Now that you know the basics, let’s explore the various types of LinkedIn Showcase Pages:

1. Product-Focused Showcase Pages

Specifically designed for businesses with diverse products catering to different target markets, and allows you to highlight and communicate each product’s unique features and benefits to its relevant audience.

2. Event Showcase Pages

These pages are perfect for businesses that host regular events, conferences, seminars, or workshops and help create a dedicated space to promote and provide details about these events to LinkedIn members.Connect with people interested in your event topics, fostering more meaningful engagements.

Benefits Of LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Benefits Of LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are specialized extensions of your main company page, designed to highlight specific facets of your business. Whether you want to give a voice to a particular brand, campaign, or target a niche audience, these pages provide a platform to do just that. Below are some key benefits of leveraging LinkedIn Showcase Pages for your business:

  • Attach a Unique Voice to Your Brand: It lets you exhibit a distinct style and aesthetic aligned with a particular aspect of your brand. You can highlight specific products or services with greater detail using custom banners and descriptions.


  • Enhanced Engagement: It delivers tailored content that genuinely interests your target audience.  You can boost engagement rates and remove distractions from your main company page by ensuring content relevancy.


  • Increase Traffic to Your Company Page: Showcase pages often appear in LinkedIn search results, guiding users back to your main company page. A strategic way to enhance brand visibility and direct audiences to your website or specific showcase pages


  • Data-Driven Decision Making: You can utilize the dedicated analytics of each showcase page by better understanding post engagements and refining your LinkedIn strategy based on insights.


  • Create a Clean and Organized Look: Maintaining a clutter-free company page by segmenting your offerings and messages with tailored content ensures the right message reaches the right audience without any mix-up.


  • Attract and Retain a Targeted Audience: It allows LinkedIn members to follow showcase pages similarly to brand accounts and receive specific updates, helping build a dedicated follower community for each showcase page.


  • Promote Specific Customer Engagements: If you’re aiming to nurture certain buyer behaviours, the capability to accurately define and communicate with your audience is invaluable.


With LinkedIn Showcase Pages, businesses can seamlessly segment their audience and offerings, delivering the most relevant content to each group. This ensures the messaging is always on point, enhancing engagement and brand visibility.

Linkedin Showcase Pages: A Step-By-Step Guide

Linkedin Showcase Pages: A Step-By-Step Guide

Setting up a LinkedIn Showcase Page can significantly amplify your brand’s reach and engagement. If you’re looking to enhance your social media strategy with Showcase Pages, follow this simple guide. Here are the steps to set up a LinkedIn showcase page:

1. Start at the Home Base

  • Begin on your LinkedIn home page.
  • Click the ‘Work’ icon at the top right, revealing a dropdown menu.
  • Select ‘Create Company Page’.


2. Choose Showcase Page

  • From the options available, pick ‘Showcase Page’.


3. Fill in the Essential Information

Complete the required fields with details about:

  • Your company’s name
  • Desired Showcase Page name.
  • Public URL (this gets auto-populated based on the Showcase Page name)
  • Your website URL
  • The industry your business operates in
  • Your logo and a catchy tagline


4. Verification

Tick the box that confirms you have the authority to create this page on behalf of the company. This ensures that only authorized personnel can set up a showcase page for a business.​​


5. Create Your Page

Click the ‘Create Page’ button, and voila! Your showcase page is now live.


6. From Your Company Page

If you prefer creating the showcase page directly from your company page (ensure you’re the administrator):

  • Navigate to your Company Page and switch to the admin view
  • Click on the ‘Admin Tools’ dropdown located at the top right.
  • Select ‘Create Showcase Page’.
  • Populate the field with your chosen Showcase Page name. The LinkedIn public URL will auto-fill.
  • Hit ‘Create Page’ to finalize.

7. Navigating to Your New Showcase Page

To access your newly minted Showcase Page in the future, click on your profile picture at the top. Find the page you want to modify under the “Manage” section of the dropdown menu. Visitors will spot it under the ‘Affiliated Pages’ on your primary LinkedIn page.


8. Deactivation (if ever needed)

If, for some reason, you wish to deactivate your Showcase Page, head to the page in Super Admin mode.

  • Click the ‘Admin Tools’ menu on the top right.
  • Choose ‘Deactivate’ from the dropdown.


Remember, a well-structured LinkedIn Showcase Page can help segment your audience and cater to their interests, leading to heightened engagement and brand loyalty. Happy showcasing!

LinkedIn Showcase Pages: Essential Tips And Strategies

LinkedIn Showcase Pages: Essential Tips And Strategies

When creating an impactful LinkedIn Showcase Page, there are a few crucial points you need to keep in mind. These will guide you in the process and ensure your page stands out and effectively caters to your target audience.

1. A Company Page is a Must

  • Before creating a showcase page, set up a LinkedIn company page.
  • If you’re new to this, remember that you need a personal LinkedIn profile to have a company page.
  • For those looking to spruce up their personal profile, consider going through top LinkedIn profile tips to gain more visibility.


2. Role of the Administrator

Only a designated LinkedIn Page administrator can create and manage Showcase Pages.  Ensure you or someone trusted holds this position for seamless creation and management.


3. Limit on Showcase Pages

  • You can create up to 10 showcase pages from a single company LinkedIn page.
  • Strategize and prioritize which sub-brands or products need dedicated pages.


4. One Parent for Each Showcase Page

  • A showcase page can only be linked to one company page.Ensure you’ve planned which showcase page aligns with which company or parent page.


5. Differentiate Between Company and Showcase Pages

Though a showcase page is an extension of a company page, they operate differently.Each showcase page has its own unique followers, notifications, and analytics. Remember, you can’t transfer followers from a company page to a showcase page.


6. Naming Your Showcase Pages

  • Choose Unique Names: It’s crucial to pick a name that other LinkedIn members haven’t used. If your desired name is taken, LinkedIn will alert you. Consider incorporating your company’s name as a prefix or suffix for distinctiveness, much like Microsoft does with ‘Microsoft Dynamics 365’ or ‘Microsoft Office.’
  • Optimize for Search Engines: Incorporate relevant keywords in your Showcase Page names. This ensures clarity and improves visibility in search engine results, making your page more discoverable.


Crafting a well-thought-out LinkedIn showcase page requires attention to detail and understanding your brand’s unique offerings. By keeping these strategies in mind, you can effectively present your sub-brands or products, engaging your target audience in a more tailored manner.

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LinkedIn Showcase Pages are valuable for cultivating meaningful relationships and fostering community engagement. Additionally, they offer a strategic platform for delivering content to the most appropriate audience with precision. Are you prepared to optimize this tool to your brand’s advantage?

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