Our process

Our guidance process is tailored individually to each person’s unique needs and goals. These are the main guidance processes we offer, divided by category.


Companies And Organizations

Support for companies and organizations in the branding process.

Meeting the quarterly and annual goals of the organization is an important goal for your business. We are here to help you reach these goals.

We learned from the experience we gained working with dozens of companies and organisations in Israel and Europe that requirements can differ, but they are always transparent. So, once we define your requirements and the performance indicators (the KPIs) are set, we are off to the races.

It is important to note that the processes, actions, and plans created for successful implementation will vary significantly from goal to goal. For example, if the organization focuses on networking and creating a presence, we will take a different strategy than generating leads and setting up demonstration meetings.


Create a strategic strategy for achieving business goals.

Building the strategy starts with a brainstorming session in which we define the results you want to achieve: are you interested in branding, creating leads, setting up meetings, expanding the personal profile network, increasing the number of followers on the business page, increasing brand exposure, and so on? According to it, we define the success metrics for the process and set up the work process.

After the first meeting to define the goals, we start the branding process according to the targets defined. At this stage, we build a strategic programme to achieve the goals, where setting each goal or several goals will take us to a different working process.

In parallel with the strategic programme development, we enhance and upgrade your company’s business page by creating targeted exposure for your brand. Our goal is to create a multi-layered marketing funnel where each layer prepares the infrastructure for the next step and warms up the lead so that customers who reach the end of the funnel will progress to a sales meeting.

The strategic program is built personally and tailored for each business uniquely, according to the goals and uniqueness of the business. Contact us to set up a first discussion to get to know each other and recommend a unique marketing program that will fit the needs and characteristics of your business.

Job Seekers

Mentoring and guiding in the job search process

The branding process starts with an introduction session in which we define your outcome (your goals), define targets, and set the success metrics for the job search process.

After the first meeting to set goals, we will hold another meeting with a branding expert whose purpose is to build a LinkedIn profile that showcases your skills in line with the required qualifications and work experience. We aim to create a personal profile for you that includes optimization for promotion and motivation to action while building your name as a brand in the industry you want to engage in.

Right, that sounds tricky, but considering the work, we know we can do it well. In the end, it will reflect on your profile at the end of the process and your name in the industry that will expand.

After we finish with the branding process, we move on to the stage of networking profile expansion as per the target audience you defined at the beginning of the process.

From there, we are advancing to the second phase of job interview preparation with a personal mentoring process based on NLP technology to empower self-confidence and the achievement of goals, up to getting the desired job.

Build Personal Profile - No Branding

This process does not include the individual branding and mentoring process for finding the job; however, it is necessary. Its effect can be no less meaningful than the mentoring and branding processes.

In this process, we will meet with you for a personal meeting and build a personal profile tailored to the industry we are aiming for and the position you want to be accepted for.

At the end of the process, you will have a personal profile at the All-Star level, ready and optimised for promotion according to all of LinkedIn’s optimization rules, including the about section, work experience, relevant media, essential skills, and a PDF file adapted to LinkedIn in
English, adding the profile to leading groups, tracking critical personalities in the industry, increasing your initial engagement in posts with opinion leaders in the field, and improving your SSI ranking on LinkedIn In other words, we will teach you how to live according to the new standard you have just learned.