Professional LinkedIn Workshop

LinkedIn is a complex business platform compared to other social networks. One of the reasons for this is the structure of LinkedIn, which is built in layers upon layers, where each layer responds to a different need when targeting different audiences: recruiters, job seekers, business owners, opinion leaders, employees, companies, freelancers, and more.

For each audience, LinkedIn has provided a tailored response: For recruiters, LinkedIn has developed a recruitment platform and job search options (LinkedIn Recruiter). For business owners and companies, there are great interfaces for managing business pages, company pages, and products. Thought leaders receive options as “content creators” with features that other users do not have; Companies can use Sales Navigator to target audiences, and for all of them, LinkedIn allows for the integration of additional platforms (Add Ones) for executing connection messages used by marketers for executing an organised outreach campaign for lead generation.

Suppose you and your organisation’s employees know how all these layers work and integrate. In that case, you can achieve broad exposure and generate leads through your business network quickly and intelligently.

We offer professional workshops on LinkedIn, teaching the staff how to maximize the organization’s sales and marketing capabilities through intelligent platform use.