Organic LinkedIn Promotion

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The phrase “organic promotion” evokes a connotation reserved for Google alone for most business owners. However, organic promotion is also expressed in social networks, though very differently than on Google. While in Google, we promote a website whose purpose is to bring the site’s pages to the top spot in search engines, in LinkedIn, our work will be tailored for each post, in addition to the ongoing optimisation of the profile and creating a content strategy that is suitable for the target audience we are aiming for, along with the customer.

Social media promotion is done in a more intentional and tailored way when the goal is to create exposure for the relevant target audience. Our organised promotion is done in a long process alongside a content management strategy, combining principles of organised promotion that work only on social networks. To do this, we use the technology of increasing the “engagement rate,” which measures the engagement in posts on social networks (each network has its own metric). Our goal is to create a high level of engagement with your content from the moment you post it.

If we simplify the formula for successful organic promotion on LinkedIn, we can summarise it with the following equation: Quality content + initial interaction = exposure ranking.

Even if you have good content but low engagement from users, it will be tough to promote it. Conversely, if you have mediocre content that generates a wide range of interactions with its publication, the chances of being promoted will be much greater. So, of course, the preference is to create great content with a comprehensive initial engagement. That way, your chances of creating a “buzz” online are much greater, and we are here to help you do just that.