SDR Services

A Sales/Business Development Representative (SDR/BDR) is a person in an organization whose role is to identify, map, and prepare potential customers for the company’s product or service sales. SDRs segment the potential customer base and reach out to them to make sales. The SDR is the first to contact potential customers and performs filtering for the most relevant ones. Since most deals are complex, SDRs only pass on to the next step in the sales process leads that have already been identified, tested, and “warmed up.” As a result, many companies are outsourcing their SDR teams and focusing solely on sales performance.

Many tools allow websites to get high-quality leads and are widely used by SDRs; the most popular and widespread is LinkedIn, which has seen a surge in the past few years. This is due to the European privacy protection regulations, the main one being GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation.

We will provide you with an external sales development team that focuses on searching and performing sales up to a sales meeting with the customer so that your sales team’s precious time and resources will remain focused and relevant to the highest quality leads and potential for closing.