"Why LinkedIn? "

LinkedIn is considered the largest business platform in the world. With over 750 million professionals and business owners, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the place to be. It is the largest social network where professionals gather to learn from each other, help each other, network, stay updated, and stay connected.

Some interesting facts about LinkedIn:


LinkedIn is considered the #1 channel for distributing professional content.


80% of Leads generated through social media are from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Currently Has More Than


Influencers at a Senior Level


Decision Makers


Public Opinion leaders


C-level Managers


MBA Graduates

Each social network has its own special character; according to this, one can compare Facebook to a local pub. In this place, you come in and chat with friends, meet new people, stay updated on what’s happening, and create beautiful memories with your group. On the other hand, LinkedIn would be more like a professional conference at a hotel. You can also meet colleagues and friends there, but maintain a more professional and formal appearance. You will come to network, find opportunities to strengthen your business and professional connections, get advice from experts, and stay updated on what’s happening in the industry.

The mindset on LinkedIn is very different from other social media platforms. Professionals come to LinkedIn to connect with brands and generate engagement with high-quality professional content. LinkedIn brings together all the CEOs, business owners, potential clients, and recruiters of all the technology companies in the world (but not only them). This is where you can find the decision-makers, influencers, employers, leaders, and business policymakers of tomorrow.

Many studies conducted by bodies like Microsoft, Statista, Jobvite, and more show that at least 97% of HR professionals use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool and that candidates with a LinkedIn profile have a 71% higher chance of getting a job interview.

70% of them have an All-Star profile, which will show up at the top of the search results and give them the best chance to receive an invitation to an interview and even get the job they searched for.

Using the full potential of LinkedIn will lead you to results you never imagined. Better work for higher pay, the sought-after role you’ve always wanted, more customers, a network of contacts that will help you stand out in the right places, and everything you’ve ever dreamed of from a business and professional standpoint.

For these things to happen, we need to take action and not wait until we have a perfect profile, which will only hinder the action and give us the incentive to stay put.

We highly recommend working with the ‘Kaizen’ method. Start today and make minor improvements while making meaningful progress that will take you to a better personal and professional future.

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Imagine you are in a meeting with a new and essential customer, someone you have been trying to reach for a very long time and hoping to work with; or for those of you looking for a job, it may be that you are expecting a meeting with a recruiter from an appealing company you wish to be accepted into.

The question is not whether you will prepare for the meeting, but how prepared you will be when the meeting arrives.

If you want to be a professional, you will likely have done thorough research before the meeting, identified your client’s pain points, and know how to communicate your value proposition accurately and convincingly.

Now imagine that this customer does not set up a meeting with you but instead comes to your LinkedIn profile.

Will he get the impression you want him to get?

Can you show your unique value proposition in your profile that conveys professionalism and will also appear higher in search results?

They say there is no second chance to make a first impression, which is undoubtedly true even when it comes to digital.

Now imagine the opposite situation where your profile works for you: branding you as an authority in your field, reflecting your uniqueness, and generating leads 24/7, all accompanied by advanced marketing systems that enhance your brand exposure online.

These systems work for you alongside a sales team that has access to your schedule and sets demo meetings for you. All you have to do now is show up for the meetings that have been scheduled for you while receiving all the information about each meeting in advance, facing customers who already know your product and are interested in hearing more.

If it sounds like a dream to you, it’s time to step up and recognise that you can get more out of your LinkedIn network through your work.

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