LinkedIn Workshop for Employees and Teams

LinkedIn from zero to hero in 3 hours

For whom is the workshop?

The employee team in the organization emphasizes those engaged in marketing and sales and wishes to reach more potential customers and bring out more of their LinkedIn.

What will we learn?

How to use LinkedIn to optimize the organization’s business results.
How to build a good profile, use LinkedIn search systems to find quality leads, make a cold call with a high conversion rate, and what tools on LinkedIn everyone in an organization needs to be familiar with.

LinkedIn Workshop for Job Seekers

How to create meaningful benefits for job seekers on LinkedIn.

For whom is the workshop?

Students and job seekers looking to create a competitive advantage for themselves and brand themselves in the industry they aim for.

What was learned?

Have you ever wondered why people around you, who are less capable than you, find jobs faster? Why do they usually get better job offers? Would you like for the employers themselves to come to you?

All the answers are in one place – LinkedIn

During the workshop, you will be exposed to unknown executive techniques to gain a significant advantage over other candidates for the job. You will learn to build a strong LinkedIn profile that will help you get almost any job and serve you for years. You will gain the skills to create a meaningful impact on LinkedIn for any organization you work for, thus turning yourself into a great asset to any company you will work for.

When is the workshop being held: Due to the sensitivity of the content and because we want to keep our work methods private, the workshop is held once a year on a fixed date – December 21st and is limited to 30 participants only.